Lentils – Unknown superfood!


I think with lentils there is no between. Either you like them or your don’t. I wholeheartedly believe that lentils can be so delicious! It all depends how you prepare them.

Lentils are part of the the bean family, a legume. They come in a few different colours like red, orange, green or brown. I personally enjoy the “traditional” green ones. They are quite affordable and very versatile. You can eat them alone, as a soup and just sprinkle a handful in a veggie soup to boost the nutrients.

They are very high in fibre, iron, folate and most importantly selenium among others.  Folate is very important while pregnant, it minimizes birth defects in babies. So for any soon-to-be mommies, LENTILS is your friend!

As I mentioned in my “About” page, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and her oncologist recommended to increase Selenium intake. The what now?…

Little known fact: Selenium which isn’t in many foods, is a mineral that actually decreases inflammation, decreases tumor growth rates and improving immune response.

For those who struggle with iron deficiency, lentils is the way to go. I mean other than those big dark scary iron pills that make you constipated.  If you are scheduled for surgery soon, I suggest eating a cup of lentils at least 3 -4 days before.

I learned to eat lentils while living in Central & South America. Its a pretty stable food in their diet. They eat it with rice, veggies, fried egg you name it.  Amazing flavours! I just had to learn to make them. Too bad my daughter hates them!

Lentils don’t need soaking like other dried beans out there. Hurray! But it does take an hour or so to cook through.

There are great recipes out there! Below is how I make mine:

Olive Oil (a dash, not too much!)
Chicken Broth
Onion (1/2 onion)
Tomatoes (1 medium sized tomato)
Culantro (not be mistaken for Cilantro)

Throw everything in a pot with water. Usually I put double the amount of water to the amount of lentils. Boil until soft. You may find the water boiling away faster than the lentils are cooking. So I would put more water in until the lentils are cooked. You going to have to taste as you go. Yummy!

Since I am the only one who enjoys lentils at home, I usually freeze the most of it in sandwich bags so when I feel like having some. I take one out and enjoy with my dinner. They pair up great with rice!

Some other great ideas to add lentils to your diet:

  • add in your soups or stews
  • make dips for your nachos / chips or for raw veggies
  • cooked lentils in your juicing blends
  • there are lentil based chips out there too!

How do you eat your lentils?


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