Growing A Kitchen Herb Garden

Growing plants and any green alive flora has always been a challenge for me. I just don’t understand why??!? I know I don’t have a green thumb. That won’t stop me!

So this last weekend, I re-started my little herb garden I’m attempting to grow. My other ones didn’t really past the 2 cm height. So, I started to research how to take care of them. And see how I improve and see what I am missing. I thought, well I can’t be the ONLY person who faces these, um – set backs.

I found that there are benefits to growing your own herbs:

  • Fresh ingredients in your recipes
  • Alway available
  • Save money
  • Educational, fun for the family
  • Stress reliever
  • Filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients
  • Make your home/kitchen smell wonderful

In my research I found two important categories of information: what health benefits these herbs have on our bodies and tips to making them grow!

Recommendation of what herbs to grow and how to care for them:

Herb Health Benefits Tips to Growing
Rosemary Boost Memories
Relieve Pain
Help the Immune System
Increase Circulation
Help with Bacterial Infection
6 to 8 Sunlight
Well drained
Sandy Soil
Humid and Warm Environment
Grows better with terra pots
Thyme Antibacterial properties
Lower Blood Pressure
Helps Fight Coughs
Boost mood
6 to 8 of sunshine
Well drained soils
Prefers a bit more alkaline environment
thrives in hot conditions
Basil Anti-inflammatory
Helps against cancer
Helps against pain & fever
Protects the liver
Moist soil but well drained
6 to 8 of sunlight
Benefits from afternoon sun
Like humid and hot environment
Pick leaves regularly to promote growth
Parsley Anti-diabetic properties
Helps fight cancer
Strengthen Immune System
Helps controlling kidney stones, urinary tract infections
Slow starter, can take up 3 weeks to sprout*
Very adaptive herb, full or partly sunny
Grows best in moist soil
*If you want the seeds to sprout earlier, soak the seeds 24 hours in warm water.
Cilantro Detoxes metals in your body
Helps prevent cardiovascular damage
Anti-oxidative, has anti-anxiety effects
Lowers blood sugar
Improve sleet
Anti-fungal properties
Deep fertile soil, well draining
Allow soil go dry between watering
Full sun, south facing – intense heat
Dill Helps with digestion, help constipation
Helps with insomnia
Aids with bone loss & bone mineral density
Helps with insulin management
Helps with excessive gas
Has anti-microbial properties
Very adaptable, can grow in dry or moist soil
Best grows in direct sunlight


I hope this helps you and most importantly show you how amazing these everyday herbs can benefit your health.

Now, wish me luck this third round of growing my own herbs!