Welcome to Tabi Talk! 

I started this blog as a way to share my journey into discovering healthy, fun and real nutrition for better long lasting health.

My mother got diagnosed with cancer in 2010; with her diagnosis and her battle with cancer we realized that food has a huge and critical role in good health. We realized how much miscommunication of what is truly is healthy nutrition and this is contributing to a huge increase in auto-immune diseases and other long term illnesses like Diabetes and Obesity among others.

What to expect from this blog:

  • Natural, easy accessible ways to eat, improve our health
  • Learn about how imperative good health and nutrition
  • Healthy nutritional way to manage everyday health issues
  • Some easy, fun and tasteful recipes too!

I’ll share useful information about nutritional facts on every day foods without needing to buy expensive weird stuff. I’m a single mom and on a budget!

Be part of my journey of discovering what is truly healthy in a world of chemically created foods, marketing campaigns to sell whatever they can and let’s pass the knowledge so we can be healthy and teach next generations on the importance of being truly informed what is good nutrition and where to find them!

I want to hear from all of you, contribute, exchange ideas and recipes – lets make this a dialogue! Passing tips to each other! From one average person to another.

*Note: I am not a certified nutritionist or a chef (I’m a daughter of a chef! Does that count?).*

By Tabi